Wednesday, 4 July 2012


In this age of rapidly increasing  technology and automation, the impression is that we have  greatly advanced and are now in a far better position than the primitive civilization of the past.                     
But we pose the question!
  • Is the environment advancing at the same rate with development?
  • Do we realize that every action taken causes a reaction yet to occur in the future?
  • It is ironical that most of the environmental damage which is now a great concern to many people but only skin- deep is a by –product of manufacturing consumer goods? 
Economic development is at a cost of the environment  because the raw materials required come from some where within the environment. In addition to that, there is the presence of polluting factories  at the end of their useful lives.
Therefore,  does development mean destruction? Is it necessary that when something is developed, something else is destroyed. come to think of it, I think it is possible to live a comfortable  simple life  in harmony with nature.The reactivation and acceleration of development , requires both a dynamic and supportive economic environment.

Marble Atuhairwe,
Intern NatureUganda

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  1. very true. And always mother nature fights back,especially when the assimilation capacity is exceeded.
    The fact that majority are aiming at making much money, however much a bucket full of sense is poured into a congested brain, then not much can be done, may be let us instead start with the environment in which we live and then try to pass on what is termed to be environmental sustainability to the young generation.